America ranks as the second-largest coal producer on the planet, moving more than a million short tons of this energy-rich raw material to markets across the country and around the world. We’re proud to be involved in this vibrant industry as its pre-eminent provider of heavy-lifting products and services.

Our clients in the coal industry have high expectations of us – and for good reason. We have an enviable track record of safe, efficient, customer-pleasing performance that has set the standard for others to follow.  From surface mining to deep, subterranean mines, Delta Rigging & Tools is there for you.



A vast – and growing – network of pipelines crosses the country, carrying products that are vital to Americans’ lives and livelihoods. Just as people depend on pipelines to meet so many of their daily needs, pipeline companies count on Delta Rigging & Tools to provide the specialized lifting and rigging services and equipment needed to keep their projects on time and on budget.

We share this industry’s uncompromising commitment to safety, integrity and environmental responsibility – a commitment that’s reflected in every decision we make and every project we undertake. It’s no wonder pipeline companies keep coming back to Delta Rigging & Tools, time and time again. Because pipeline projects don’t stop when the going gets tough, and neither does Delta.  Call us, and we’ll be there to support you.


  • High-Performance Synthetic Slings
  • Engineered Solutions
  • Chain Slings
  • Air Tuggers & Hoists
  • High Performance Tools & Safety Equipment
  • Sales, Rentals, Service


Wind power. Hydro electric. Solar.  As energy demands grow, the renewable energy market has grown rapidly to help fill the need.

Today, renewable energy is a critical part of the energy puzzle, and massive private-sector investments are driving large-scale renewable energy projects across the globe.   Delta Rigging & Tools was one of the first rigging & lifting equipment companies to focus on the renewable energy market. Consequently, we’ve developed expertise in these markets that is unmatched in the industry.

A good example of this is in the Wind Energy Industry, where exceptionally high, heavy lifts with delicate positioning requirements and unique personnel safety needs can make projects very complex.  So it’s no surprise that wind farm developers turn to Delta Rigging & Tools for their heavy-lifting and personnel climb assist and fall prevention needs.

From our base in Texas – the largest wind-power producing state in America – to the Rocky Mountains and Dakotas, we’re located close to North America’s most important wind fields, and we’re able to support renewable energy projects anywhere in the United States. We can also ship equipment anywhere in the world to support wind and renewable energy projects internationally.



  • Modulift spreader bars – Sales and Rentals
  • CAD/CAM specialty items
  • Engineered solutions for blade lifting and positioning
  • High capacity and specialty synthetic rigging, including Tuffy slings manufactured in the USA
  • Specialty Components that meet exacting Mil-Spec and other higher standards
  • Premium wire rope from the leading manufacturers in the United States and from around the world
  • High performance tools & safety equipment
  • Sales, Rentals and Service


The growing demand for emissions-free energy sources to combat global warming has made nuclear power more critical than ever in meeting the world’s electricity needs. In fact, the International Atomic Energy Agency has predicted that nuclear power capacity could double within the next two decades!

At Delta Rigging & Tools, we’re excited to be part of this unprecedented period in nuclear industry history as companies come to us for their heavy-lifting needs. They can count on our strong expertise, our superior equipment, our skilled employees and our commitment to quality and safety standards that are as rigorous as the industry’s own.



  • Modulift Spreader Bars – Sales & Rentals
  • CAD/CAM Specialty Items
  • Low Overhead Cranes and Onsite Service
  • Engineered Solutions
  • High Capacity Lifting Lines
  • High Capacity and Specialty Synthetic Rigging
  • High Performance Tools & Safety Equipment
  • Sales, Rentals, Service

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