In 2012, Delta Rigging & Tools became a member of SBP Holdings.  Together with Bishop Lifting Products and Morgan City Rentals, we make up one of the largest wire rope, sling, rigging and rental groups in the country.  We offer a complete portfolio of lifting solutions, including hoists, winches, wire rope, wire & synthetic slings, accessory parts, and hardware as well as testing, inspection, and field services.

Delta Rigging & Tools serves both domestic and international customers through 12 sales and service facilities and 2 distribution centers around the country. It provides complete lifting and rigging solutions and support for a diverse range of markets, including Oil & Gas production and distribution, Energy and Power-Generation, Transportation, Heavy Manufacturing and Construction.

Founded in January, 2008 when some of the leading industrial rigging and lifting companies merged together, Delta Rigging & Tools continues to grow rapidly by providing its customers in these and other industry segments with the highest possible levels of Safety, Service, Quality and Value.

SBP is a portfolio company of AEA Investors, a leading private equity firm headquartered in New York. AEA investors is a pioneer in the private equity industry, having been founded in 1968 by the Rockefeller, Mellon and Harriman family interests and S.G. Warburg & Co. With over 40 years of investing experience, AEA has a global presence with offices throughout Europe and Asia.


Delta Rigging & Tools Key Markets:


  • Land Based Drilling
  • Offshore Drilling
  • Drilling Services and Supply
  • Oilfield transport
    (overland and marine)
  • Refining and Petrochemical


  • Coal
  • Nuclear
  • Renewable
  • Power Generation
  • Pipeline
  • Wind


  • Commercial Buildings & Facilities
  • Tunnels & Bridges
  • Roads

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  • Maritime
  • Trucking
  • Rail


  • Gulf of Mexico Decommissioning & Abandonment
  • Wind and Solar Power

SBP Holding Philosophy

We understand that good companies are the result of good management, and we will encourage good management to remain.

We know that a company can do best when its management has the resources available to grow and be innovative.

We encourage management growth by providing an operating environment that allows prompt decisions and rapid responses to the marketplace.