JD Neuhaus Air Hoist PROFI

JD Neuhaus

Rugged, Reliable, Versatile.

From 550 Lbs. to 100 Ton Capacity, Air Pressure: 85 PSI (6 Bar)


air hoist

Proven in practice, the JDN PROFI Series air hoists excel in places where safety is paramount. Unlike electricity, compressed air does not generate sparks, making the JDN PROFI Series the hoist of choice in hazardous areas. The highest quality materials, coupled with six generations of experience result in a product that is second-to-none. The PROFI is available with rope or push-button control.

• Overload protection standard on the 3-20 TI series
• Rugged construction, minimum headroom
• Small and handy relative to its capacity
• Simple design means low maintenance cost
• Impervious to dust, vapors, humidity and temperatures
• Unlimited switching and operation frequency
• Explosion proof
• Variable speed control
• Positive start system ensures a smooth start and consistent operation

Profi 025TI - 2TI Catalog Specifications

Profi 3TI - 20TI Catalog Specifications

Profi 25TI - 100TI Catalog Specifications

JD Neuhaus Monorail Air Hoists

JDN-EH50Specialized Lifting Systems for Large Capacity Loads Offshore, Underground, Anywhere
From 10 Ton to 100 Ton Capacity Air Pressure 85 PSI (6 Bar)

Monorail Hoists EH are special high capacity lifting systems designed to handle heavy loads. Because of the trolley wheel design, they can be used on standard I-beams either with tapered or parallel flanges, or on special fabricated beams. JDN Monorail Hoists are especially suited for applications in high humidity, dust or hazardous environments with a high risk of explosion.

EH10-EH60 Catalog Specifications

EH75 - EH 100 Catalog Specifications

• Explosion-proof
• Low headroom
• Small size relative to capacity
• Little air consumption
• High performance multi-vane motor with self-lubricating features and positive start-up system for a smooth start and consistent operation
• Trolleys with anti-drop and anti-climb devices
• All-steel cast iron construction
• Silencer for low noise operation

• Spark-resistant package
• Rack and pinion drive
• Offshore paint
• Delta-P overload protection

• Power generation: Turbine, generator maintenance
• Cement industry: Roller pair handling in roller mills
• Offshore oil industry: Riser/pipe handling in riser bridge cranes; service units in generator stations
• Foundries: Hoisting systems in high capacity foundry cranes
• Pipelines: Valve replacement in pipeline pump
• Chemical industry: Handling of reactor sections