Delta Rigging and Tools stocks Swivel Hoist Rings for every lifting application.  The top washer has the following information stamped on it: manufacturer's name, working load limit (capacity) and the recommended torque value. All swivel hoist rings are proof tested to 2-1/2 times the rated capacity and meet the requirements of the ASME B30.26 Rigging Hardware standard.   Standard Eye bolts lose capacity depending on the angle that they are used.  Swivel Hoist Rings can rotate to the direction of force applied using its swivel bushing, with no loss of rated capacity.  Keep in mind that installed correctly, swivel hoist rings are able to rotate and pivot without interfering with the lift. 

Delta Rigging & Tools offers the industry's leading selection of high-quality rigging hardware.  Click on the images below to see more information on swivel hoist rings in our catalog.  Have questions on which product is right for your lift? Contact our team today!